Jessica Jones and Daredevil Twitter fight
Actor Krysten Ritter smiles as she poses for photos on the red carpet at the 2016 IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards in Manhattan, New York, U.S. November 28, 2016. Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich

Not everyone in a group is a team player, and Netflix superheroes Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) tell us just the same through a series of tweets exchanged between the two on Feb. 8. The duo reportedly took to trolling each other on social media platform Twitter, and it seems like the war is still on.

The two superheroes have been in a cold war with each other since January, apparently, as Jessica’s Twitter account was reportedly making sarcastic comments on Daredevil. To be noted that Jones has the reputation of being a woman who gives cold shoulders criticism. And probably for that reason, it would not be surprising if she started dissing Daredevil with her posts. Nonetheless, the unstoppable trolling on Feb. 8 was only a glimpse of what has been cooking between the two “Defenders.”

It all started when Marvel’s Iron Fist joined Twitter and started interacting with fans. Daredevil mentioned Jessica Jones in a tweet, where he said the team will need to play nice, and asked her if she was capable of such a thing. The hothead Jessica retorted back saying, “Sorry, I was busy. What were you saying that I don't care about?” This got things heated and before anyone could take notice, the two were already fighting like a cat and dog, taking turns in insulting each other, according to a Comic Book report.

Daredevil then decided to bring real issues into the mix. He snapped back at Jones, mocking her issues with alcohol. “By busy, do you mean working on tomorrow's hangover?” Daredevil’s tweet read. And the tension only went on from there.

What’s more interesting is the fact that fans took real fancy in the Twitter duel between the two superheroes. With over hundred retweets, more than 500 favourites and countless comments, the duo’s Twitter handles were selling like hotcakes following the fight. But then again, it could all be Marvel’s marketing strategy and fans seem to be counting on that for a reason.

Nevertheless, whatsoever the fight was about, the thread proved to be utterly entertaining. And if the fight was indeed for real, one can only hope the two find a way to get along by the time “The Defenders” hits TV screens.

“The Defenders” is expected to air later this year although no official announcement has been made of its release date. Netflix has yet to make a statement about it.