The new mom, Beyonce, is lucky to have friends around her like Jennifer Hudson to guide her how to live the world with a child. The former 'American Idol' participant offered some tips to the diva who gave birth to baby Blue Ivy Carter.

It was on Jan. 10 when chatted with Hudson during a cocktail party for being the February cover of 'Good Housekeeping' magazine, as well as the launch of a new book entitled 'I Got This.'

Getting some good sleep is what Beyonce's co-star in 'Dreamgirls' advised first and foremost. The young actress-singer confessed that a small baby born into this world would only go by so fast that a mom would not even notice.

"So just embrace it and enjoy," Hudson said as last part of her message for her friend.

Jennifer Hudson has gone through a lot for the past couple of years since the time she gave birth to her own kid. Now that she has lost a lot of extra weight and has reached the ideal fitness level for her body, she felt to meet the need of sharing what she learned to many others out there who would want to start over again just like her. This was of course with all the help of becoming the official spokesperson too of WeightWatchers.

The complete title of her book is 'I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down' and it has already been released in stores since yesterday.


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