Beyonce And Jay-Z Are The World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple.
Beyonce and Jay-Z are the world's highest-paid celebrity couple, according to the latest ranking from Forbes. The couple earned a combined $95 million over the past year. Reuters

Despite impending divorce rumors, Jay-Z and Beyonce remain more together than ever. Instead of it being a positive news, however, a new report claimed that Jay-Z started being controlling ever since he was able to convince Beyonce not to divorce him.

Beyonce and Jay-Z soldiered on divorce rumours by putting up a "united front" on their social media accounts as well as in the public for the last few months. They also showed off a documented family trip to Europe and successfully staged a world tour together over the summer. However, OK magazine reports that all of these could be attributed to Jay-Z's controlling ways.

A source close to the couple revealed that Beyonce stopped asking questions or do anything that would displease Jay-Z ever since Jay-Z persuaded her to give their marriage another chance. "It's very sad, she's acting like a Stepford Wife now and Jay's taking full advantage by stamping his authority on the relationship," the source said. The source added that Jay-Z thinks that because Beyonce is not leaving him up to now, she will never do so anymore.

Unfortunately, seeing how docile Beyonce became is inflating Jay-Z's ego, the source said. The source claimed that Jay-Z is bragging to his friends how dominant he is over his wife. He told his friends that he's the boss in their married life and that Beyonce would never find the guts to leave him. The news report comes after fans have started to question why Beyonce is acting out of sorts lately. Fans noticed that the singer is oversharing on her social media. At the same time, fans also became worried when they noticed Beyonce looking dazed at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game last month, the Inquisitr reports.

Aside from the fans, even family and friends close to Beyonce are starting to worry. "So many of Bey's friends and family can't stand the guy, but he has so much power that everyone's scared of him," the source said to OK Magazine. The source even claimed that Beyonce was already in a "strong place" up until she went back to Jay-Z. Going back to her husband is said to be making her act "like a zombie" now.