Tom Cruise
Actor Tom Cruise waves to the audience at the Japan premiere of the movie "Jack Reacher" in Tokyo January 9, 2013. Reuters/Yuriko Nakao

A scene description from the forthcoming movie “Jack Reacher 2” starring Tom Cruise has surfaced online. A video was shown at the CinemaCon event, in which footage from the movie was teased.

[Spoiler alert]

The teaser began with Jack sitting alone at a diner and the cops arrive on scene, Birth Movies Death reports. There are four men lying in the parking lot of the diner and they are all injured and moaning with pain. The cops have their weapons drawn and slowly approach Jack.

"Two things are going to happen in the next 90 seconds. That phone is going to ring and you'll be wearing handcuffs on your way to prison," Jack tells the cops. "That's one magnificent prophecy, Mr. Reacher," one of the cops says, making fun of the hero. Just then the phone rings, just as Jack had predicted.

The next few shots in the video are action sequences from “Jack Reacher 2” that include a car chase and Cruise jumping off a roof and landing on a guy with a machine gun, Jack uses the machine gun to shoot someone. Cast member Cobie Smulders (Susan Turner) is seen in prison, but she breaks out in the next scene. She is seen hitting a soldier with a baton in another shot.

The next scene is of Jack and Susan sitting in a car. "Now I'm a fugitive from justice," Susan says. Jack adds that she is also a traitor to the country. "Why do I think you're enjoying this?" she retorts. The report says that the sequel promises the “same pleasures” of the first movie, which also starred Cruise in the lead role.

“Jack Reacher 2” has been directed by Edward Zwick. The movie is slated to be released on Oct. 21, 2016 in the US. The release date information for Australia hasn’t been revealed by the producers yet.