Israeli soldiers patrol outside the northern Gaza Strip
Israeli soldiers patrol outside the northern Gaza Strip July 29, 2014. Israel's military pounded targets in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country should prepare for a long conflict in the Palestinian enclave, squashing any hopes of a swift end to 22 days of fighting. Israel launched its offensive on July 8 with the aim of halting rocket attacks by Hamas and its allies. It later ordered a land invasion to find and destroy the warren of Hamas tunnels that criss-crosses the border area. Reuters

As ISIS continues to attract more supporters to its cause, Israel is reportedly strengthening its military forces in Golan Heights to counter the growing threat of the terror group expanding its territory. A senior official in the Israeli army has revealed government forces are currently regrouping along the border areas of Israel.

According to Lebanese media and A-Sharq Al-Awsat, the Israel has sent reinforcements to Golan Heights following the news of three groups of insurgents holding ground near the borders of Israel and Jordan had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Previous reports have indicated that the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade militants from the Free Syrian Army were among the recent groups to have promised to support ISIS. The senior Israeli officer said the boosting of IDF is intended to thwart ISIS' plans to advance towards Israel. The show of strength is meant to protect the lives of Israeli civilians.

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya'alon has recently declared that Israel will not stand by while the country's borders and security are under threat. The minister said Israel has been radical Islamic terrorism that seeks to destroy. He accused "cruel" organisations of spreading terrorism and sabotaging Israel, Algemeiner reports.

In late November, Israel's Combat Intelligence Collection Corps "Vulture" battalion has boosted its movements in the Golan Heights due to concerns of Israel being involved in Syria's conflict. The Israeli army has monitored the events in Syria and conducted military exercises following months of occasional gunfire across the border. Incidents of mortar shelling and failed attempts of hostile aircraft to infiltrate Israeli borders were also reported.

In a recent report by NOW Media in Lebanon, Israeli forces are preparing for ISIS to launch an attack against Hezbollah forces via Mt Qalamoun. The Lebanon-based terror group allegedly aligned with the units of Syria's President Assad.

Sources of the Lebanese media outlet said ISIS and Al-Nusra forces are planning a "black winter" and "bad days" in Baalbak and Hermel. Both terror groups have clashed repeatedly in months as they fight for control of Mt Qalamoun which is a strategic area overlooking Lebanese territory.

Meanwhile, the first Western journalist has recently made it out alive from ISIS-held territories in Syria and Iraq after he was allowed access. Jurgen Todenhofer, the 74-year-old renowned German journalist, came back with a warning that ISIS militants have grown stronger and more dangerous than previously expected, according to the Independent.

The German reporter has travelled through Turkey to Mosul after several months of negotiations with ISIS leaders. Todenhofer was planning to publish a summary of his experience deep inside ISIS territory but he gave interviews to German-language media outlets that revealed his initial impressions.