Apple iPad Pro
Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President Software Engineering speaks about the Apple Pencil for use with the iPad Pro during Apple's annual world wide developer conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, U.S. June 5, 2017. Reuters/Stephen Lam

The new Apple iPad Pro has received mixed reactions. The company has undoubtedly made the tablet smarter. However, there are many who believe the device is more apt for creative professionals such as illustrators, graphic designers and the like.

If someone has been iPad-less all his/her life, then this piece of technology is a good buy. It has the same great battery life and performance, a slightly roomier keyboard, 120Hz refresh rate and a slightly larger footprint than the 25cm iPad. Also, there is at least an inch of extra screen real estate.

There are many waiting for an upgrade before they invest their money. The tablet is powerful enough to last for years, though. It has a beautiful screen and the apps are pretty nice. It is a great piece of technology, but may not be enough to make fans go crazy.

Every year, Apple introduces certain cool features in the iPads to lure customers away from their perfectly good old iPads. This may not be working anymore for the company, as fans are refusing to invest much in these tablets. In 2016, the company brought the Smart Connector to the 25cm iPad Pro. The new 28cm iPad Pro has all the things the 25cm one has with an inch more display and a roomier keyboard. While it has an A10X CPU and 12-core GPU packed inside for faster performance, people don’t really find previous iPads slow.

Apps hardly lag on an iPad. Hence, the new inputs are largely going unnoticed. The biggest feature is surely the display, which can refresh 120 times a second. However, users will feel the difference only when they are drawing. Most iOS games are capped at 30-60 frames per second. Here, too, users will be disappointed. Despite such impressive refresh rate that can grab the attention of even the Surface line from Microsoft, the paper-like feel when drawing is still missing from all devices in the market today, reports Gizmodo Australia.

After considering all points above, the new Apple iPad Pro is still an incredible device, and many users and experts have rated it nine out of 10. The device is available in the price range of $979 - $1,629. Of all the highlighted apps, the Affinity Photo app looks especially interesting. It offers full-fledged photo editing tools for the recent iPads. The iOS 11 operatng system will be available in Australia from spring, informs The Australian.