Apple iPad Pro
Tim Cook, CEO, holds an iPad Pro after his keynote address to Apple's annual world wide developer conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, U.S. June 5, 2017. Reuters/Stephen Lam

The Apple iPad Pro may soon replace laptops, and the company is inching closer to achieve that goal. The Cupertino tech giant announced a tablet last week, and when it releases the iOS 11, laptops may finally take a backseat.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the newest offering of its size from the company, up from its 9.7-inch tabs that has become normal since it was introduced. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has also been refreshed. However, the smaller one still has many fans and is undoubtedly the favourite among Apple enthusiasts.

There have been major screen improvements, too. The size bump hasn’t added to the weight of the device, though. The display increase is most visible when watching videos.

According to The Washington Post, users can now have more typing space with the bigger display. They would still need the keyboard cover or an external keyboard altogether for serious work. Adding accessories enhances the performance significantly.

Those looking to sketch will have to shell out US$99 (AU$132 approx) for the Pencil. The smart keyboard case costs US$159 (AU$210 approx). The starting price of the tablet with 64GB internal storage is US$649 (AU$860 approx).

Apple has optimised the iPad Pro’s screen to display whatever the user is looking at. It has made video playback smoother and the text way sharper. There is almost zero blur when scrolling. Users will be surprised by the immediate clarity when they suddenly stop while scrolling.

This is because the company has improved the screen with ProMotion technology. The overall experience of looking at the screen has greatly improved as it has become more responsive. If a user does lot of online reading, he would feel the difference.

The Apple Pencil is more than adequate in jotting down minutes of the meeting, notes and reminders. It has nearly replaced writing notes with ink and paper. The iPad Pro has less latency than before, especially when someone is involved in digital note-taking or creative work.

Experts believe that the real changes in the iPad Pro will become evident when iOS 11 is released. With the release of this operating system, Apple will introduce a few multitasking features that will make the iPad Pro more robust.

Apple will use a familiar file structure, and the software update will make the device as good as a laptop. With iOS 11, it will be possible to run four apps together on the screen. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the Apple iPad Pro.