Customers shop at a Samsung mobile store inside a shopping mall in New Delhi, April 5, 2016. Reuters/Anindito Mukherjee

Samsung is reportedly in no hurry to release the Note 8. The Note 7 disaster in 2016 has made the South Korean tech giant cautious about its releases. Hence, it won’t be rushing the release of the latest device.

Latest reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could release in late August. The company has a preference for the IFA show held every year in the month of August in Berlin. The Note 7 was, however, released early-August in 2016.

Then reports suggested that Samsung rushed the release of the ill-fated handset to get ahead of Apple’s iPhone release in September. There is a lot of pressure on Samsung as Apple will be celebrating its iPhone’s 10th anniversary with a stunning iPhone 8.

As far as the specs of the Galaxy Note 8 are concerned, the premium handset is expected to sport a 6.3-inch bezel-less display 18.5-to-9 or larger length-to-width screen ratio and dual rear cameras with 12MP and 13MP lenses. The Note 8 will also face stiff competition from the upcoming LG V30 and the Google Pixel 2 phones. Due to some major releases slated for this year, timing is of essence, writes CNET.

In another report, it has been stated that Samsung is testing its upcoming smartphone on Android Nougat 7.1.1, not Android O. This suggests that the company wants to steer clear from the iPhone 8 release. It may not want to wait for the Android O OS to come to the market.

The dual-camera system will be a big deal as iPhone 7 Plus has been praised for them. Thus, there is going to be tough competition between Samsung and Apple, something the whole tech world wants to witness again and again. Who will have the last laugh?

A curved display similar to the Galaxy S8 is also expected, writes Express. Such a display will cover the entire front of the smartphone. The display is said to include the QHD+ Infinity Display. As per many leaksters, the unique S Pen may be upgraded to feature a built-in vibrator. Users may be able to use the Find My Mobile app in Galaxy devices to locate the S Pen. Stay tuned for more updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.