Staff is working at Slush, one of Europe's biggest tech start-up conferences in Helsinki, Finland November 30, 2016. Reuters/MIA SHANLEY

Facebook celebrated the International’s Women’s Day on Wednesday through its live feature. The social network site wanted to initiate a global conversation using the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness to encourage users from all over the world to feature stories about women. In Australia, the Mamamia Women's Network co-founder and creative director Mia Freedman went live through her Facebook account. Australian radio station, Hit Network, also went live with series of interviews with women who can inspire its viewers.


Facebook first launched the #SheMeansBusiness program in 2016 to support, celebrate and empower women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. The program encourages policy makers, female business owners, entrepreneurs, NGOs and leaders around the world to use the live feature to share inspiration, impart knowledge and discuss topics on women in business.

Women in business

Facebook’s announcement came with the support of the study that revealed how only 34 percent of women in Australia operate their own business in 2015. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this is only one-third of the population, but the numbers are rising.

Facebook also presented its own insights about women handling businesses from all over the world. In its “Future of Business Survey,” the study revealed that 60 percent of women-run businesses report positive future outlooks. It also revealed that of 68 percent of women-run businesses are sole proprietorships.

Australians’ participation

A Facebook live interview with Freedman in Sydney initiated the participation of Australian women in this Facebook live event. In the interview, Freedman talked about her life experiences that are relatable to her women viewers. Her live event earned more than 3,000 views and more than 100 reactions.

The radio station, Hit Network, also held a 24-hour live event to celebrate the International Women’s Day using the hashtag #SheMeansBusiness. The live event also started with discussions about how its very own talent, Fifi Box, went to work with no make-up.

At the network’s “national breakfast show,” the International Women’s Day was made to celebrate the freedom of women just being themselves. “I personally am sick of people commenting on, not only my appearance, by everyone’s appearance,” Hit Network reported Box, saying.

Box added that women should not worry too much about not putting a make-up on. “Just let it go, you’re okay. I want that for my daughter. Choose to wear make-up, choose not to wear make-up. You’re okay,” she added. Below is the live video of Freedman from Facebook: