poison ivy
The latest "Injustice 2" trailer details Poison Ivy's attacks. YouTube/Injustice

Yet a new “Injustice 2” trailer has been revealed. This time around, the new footage puts focus on Poison Ivy. The new gameplay video shows Poison Ivy going against the likes of DC characters Catwoman, Bane, and even Batman’s partner Robin. The match-up of Poison Ivy against Bane in particular is one that is interesting, considering the two characters are meant to operate in the same team against the Dark Knight.

The “Injustice 2” gameplay video shows off Poison Ivy’s skill set. As is the theme of her character, Poison Ivy’s moves will have a lot of reliance on plant-based attacks, besides the regular physical attacks. One move will even have the return of Poison Ivy’s fatally poisonous kiss. The video most notably reveals the character’s finishing move: summoning a giant killer plant and having her opponent fed to it. In the case of the revealed gameplay footage, the unfortunate victim of Poison Ivy’s super move this time around is Bane.

As some fans may be aware, the character Poison Ivy was previously known as botanical biochemist Dr. Pamela Isley. Though she has been a recurring character in the DC comics and has made appearances in other media — such as the “Gotham” television show, the “Arkham Batman” video game series, and most famously as Uma Thurman’s iteration in the 1997 “Batman & Robin” film — “Injustice 2” will be her first foray into this specific game franchise.

Previously, NetherRealm Studios released a gameplay trailer for another character, Scarecrow. The footage is peppered with horror-filled images, as is the norm with Scarecrow’s history. No stranger to the DC universe either, Scarecrow this time around sports a hook and chain which he utilises in his savage attacks. Though the character is rather new to the “Injustice” world, he has made previous appearances against Batman in the “Arkham” game series.

While “Injustice 2” has been slowly revealing more and more footage ahead of its May release, the next character reveal is scheduled to take place on April 28. Other characters who have had their own gameplay trailers include Catwoman, The Flash, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Firestorm and many others. The game will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube/Injustice