Injustice 2
"Injustice 2" is confirmed for the Xbox One and PS4 in 2017. NetherRealm Studios

One of the anticipate and hyped titles before the dawn of E3 2016 is NetherRealm Studios’ “Injustice 2.” Now the developer has given a few more hints as to the game’s mechanics alongside a 15-minute demo with a full match.

The demo from IGN, seen below, showcases several different fights. Between Supergirl and Atrocitus, the demo shows the actual UI while the fight is ongoing. There’s the metre for the supermoves seen at the bottom, as well as the health bar for the characters at the top.

At the end of the match, it’s shown that Gear is acquired via a pop-up screen. Whether or not fans equip it is their choice. There’s also an option for a rematch, and it’s interesting to see the different dialogue between characters at the start of each match.

These Gear systems are essentially loot drops that occur after matches in “Injustice 2.” Speaking with GameSpot, NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon confirmed that these loot drops are seen in the victory’s screen.

“There’s a moulding so to speak, as you keep getting gear you keep deciding if you want to use it and if you want to focus on offense or defense or enhance certain moves or unlock certain moves,” said Boon. This means that the loot drops will not be too random, allowing fans to actually have a method by which they upgrade their characters through the Gear System.

Since this is level system is more progressive, Boon assured that there will be some way to level the game when it comes to tournaments. This will prevent mismatch of character levels.

The demo also shows the transition screens from where players can choose their characters and settings for the fight. Some fights will also transport the players in to different areas of the location, such as in the fight between Batman and Aquaman. It starts from the inside of a Metropolis pub and transitions to an open space in the city.

Certain elements of the setting are also destructible and it’s interesting to see Aquaman become such a fierce fighter, complete with flooding the city and turning it into his own territory. Batman still wins the round, but their fight in the demo is among the closest ones. This fight also shows that the Clash System is making a comeback in “Injustice 2.” However, VG 247 noted that it was not yet explained as to the result of the Clash is decided on.

Finally, players also get a glimpse of how the Gear System and customisation works. With each piece of Gear added to one’s character, the more the character’s overall look changes. The changes with Gear are reflected not only in the actual fight scenes, but also even in the transition screens with dialogue.

"Injustice 2" gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)