Batman Arkham VR
"Batman Arkham VR" will give a more immersive experience from Rocksteady Studios. PlayStation Blog

There are four titles confirmed for the PlayStation VR. The great thing about this is not only the number of available PS VR games, but also the diversity of their genres.

An exclusive title to the PlayStation VR is “Batman: Arkham VR,” from the renowned developer Rocksteady Studios. Set in the Arkham universe, “Batman: Arkham VR” is the studio’s project that allowed true immersion of the player as the Caped Crusader.

“Batman: Arkham VR” will deliver a Be the Batman experience, one that the developer has ensured to go a deeper level in the game. The game will arrive on the PlayStation VR sometime in October, according to the PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation VR fans can also expect the device to dabble in horror. And it’s not just for one game but two, thanks to Tangentlemen’s “Here They Lie” and Capcom’s “Resident Evil 7 biohazard.”

Revealed over the PlayStation Blog, Tangentlemen has collaborated with Santa Monica studio to bring the psychological horror experience to life. According to Tangentlemen Co-Creative Director Cory Davis, the focus of the game revolves around its narrative quality and the experience of dread that gives it a different spin to horror survival games. “Here They Lie” will be launched on the PS4 and PlayStation VR sometime this fall.

“Resident Evil 7 biohazard” is reportedly the homecoming of the franchise that fans have been waiting for. The developer revealed over the official Capcom blog that the new title will have a realistic vibe and photorealistic graphical style. This will add to the tension to bring the first-person play, and enhancing this with the PlayStation VR will deliver a whole new “Resident Evil” experience.

Finally, “Farpoint” has also been announced for the PlayStation VR. And more than the VR device, it will also make use of the Aim controller, reported VG 247.

Apart from the barrage of games that are coming to the PlayStation VR, there’s also a gun controller to complement the new gaming tech. According to GameSpot, the device is called the PS VR Aim Controller, and it will be an improvement to the Move controller.

Among the main improvements is that the Aim has one-to-one tracking, so any movement done with the controller can be tracked exactly in the game. This seems to be one of devices that are well-suited for the aforementioned “Farpoint.”

Given the onslaught of new games coming to the PlayStation VR, Sony has even predicted a shortage of the device once it launches in October. Sony’s Andrew House has stated that there may be supply constraints, since the device is a new one even in terms of production.

House has also given a ballpark range for the PlayStation VR games. He cited that it can be somewhere between the US$20 (approx. AU$27) and US$40 (AU$55) range. However, not all of the games may go within this price range.