Gears of War 4
"Gears of War 4" will allow cross-play and cross-buy. Xbox

Fans who want to take their love of the franchise to the next level can preorder the Xbox Elite Wireless controller for “Gears of War 4.” It’s a limited edition design that transforms the controller into what looks like a war-ravaged device, fitting of the game’s experience.

According to Major Nelson’s blog, the controller sports a battle-weathered design, swappable components and Hair Trigger Locks. It has a “Gears of War” themed carrying case, four metallic red paddles, six thumbsticks with two each of the standard, tall and domed variety, custom red and black USB cable, and a downloadable code for the unique multiplayer lobby emblem and three Gear Packs.

Since it is the Xbox One Elite controller complete with limited edition customisations, it will cost US$200 (approx. AU$270). The added bonus in-game does give a better appeal to the premium price of the device.

At E3 2016, developer The Coalition also confirmed that “Gears of War 4” will feature cross-play for the game’s two platforms. This means that both Xbox One and PC players can enjoy playing with and against each other for “Gears of War 4.”

According to Kotaku, “Gears of War 4” will be one of the titles that will be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. This will make more Xbox One titles available for cross-play and cross-buy.

As far as the actual game is concerned, DualShockers reported that “Gears of War 4” will introduce Horde Mode. This can be played on all the multiplayer maps, and will allow players to build fortifications, and edit the layout of the defense to ensure that the player’s camp can win and outlast the 50 waves of enemies.

If that is not enough of a challenge, The Coalition has also given “Gears of War 4” a more realistic survival spin in the form of weather effects. It will influence the overall mood and play a role in the gameplay more than just as background. Check out a good bit of gameplay for “Gears of War 4” in the video below.

"Gears of War 4" gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/MKIceandFire)