Iggy Azalea
Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea and fiancé Nick Young take a selfie. Instagram/@thenewclassic

Nick Young’s ex-girlfriend Keonna Green, who is pregnant with the NBA star’s second child, has spoken out on the ongoing spat involving the two and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Keonna has broken her silence saying she won’t apologise for being in love.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Keonna opened up about her relationship with Nick, pregnancy and what is next for the pair. The 30-year-old Keonna confirmed that she is pregnant and also revealed why she and Nick ended up in bed even when Nick was already in a relationship with Iggy.

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“It was last year, around September. We would take our son to Magic Mountain together. But sometimes Nick would say, ‘Oh, there’s too much traffic,’ and he’d just play with Nicholas in his room. We got caught up in the moment and it just happened,” Keonna told Us Weekly.

Keonna and 31-year-old Nickwere high school sweethearts and they have a four-year-old son Nick Jr., with who Iggy was pretty close during happier times.

“Nick Jr. had fun with them. He would always say, ‘My daddy and my Iggy took me to Target and got me this,’” Keonna said.

Keonna and Nick rekindled their romance in September 2015, just three months after Nick proposed to Iggy. Even though Keonna said they are no longer intimate, she would give Nick another chance.

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When asked if she feels guilty because of the ongoing spat, Keonna replied that she does not as she is not the reason behind their split. She added that she would definitely not apologise for being in love with a man she has a lot of history with. However, Keonna also revealed that she wanted Nick to be honest with Azalea after they both ended up in bed together.

“I would be like, ‘Nick, you cannot be sloppy. You need to be honest [with Azalea].’ He would say, ‘I don’t want to hear it.’ I don’t know what was going on in his household, but me and Nick have lots of history. It wasn’t a secret on my end. I didn’t feel guilty because I was in love with a man, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only woman,” Keonna added.