HTC Vive
HTC launches its own developing studio to boost the Vive's VR content, starting with its first game called 'Arcade Saga.' HTC

HTC is literally boosting its virtual reality (VR) game. The company just launched its own VR-developing unit called Vive Studios, which is set to release games from both HTC and external developers. HTC’s first VR game “Arcade Saga” was developed by its internal studio 2 Bears.

“Arcade Saga” is a collection of three mini games (“Fracture,” “Smash” and “Bowshot”) and consists of 84 levels. It revolves around the user’s CPU, which has gained consciousness and apparently wants to break free from its digital chains. The game makes use of HTC Vive’s room-scale VR that allows users to move around and interact with the virtual scenery. “Arcade Saga” is priced at US$29.99 (AU$39.99) on HTC’s Viveport store and Steam.

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According to The Verge, Vive Studios’ scope is much more extensive than contender Oculus Studios. While Oculus tasks a separate unit called Oculus Story Studio for cinematic VR content, Vive Studios is set cover a wide range of genres that include cinematic, games, design, education, sports, social and real estate.

Oculus Studios is also mainly focused on developing select titles for indoor play. HTC, on the other hand, is set on developing more corporate and arcade business content. HTC wants to boost the Vive’s content in hopes to attract consumers and make a lasting impression on the VR industry.

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Joel Breton, head of the HTC Vive Studios division, said that a bunch of games are set to join “Arcade Saga” in a year or so, adding that the internal studio working staff currently consists of over 50 members and positions are still open for hiring. Breton likens Vive Studios to Sony and Microsoft on how it wants to be recognised a first-party publisher. Both companies have their own internal divisions that develop titles for their respective consoles.

“This is a new pillar in HTC’s drive to create content and growth for the hardware,” said Breton as quoted by VentureBeat. “‘Arcade Saga’ is a love letter to classic arcade games.”