HTC Vive
A pair of HTC's Vive Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, is seen during annual Computex computer exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan June 1, 2016. Reuters/Tyrone Siu

Virtual Reality devices are the next big thing that’s going to capture tech enthusiasts’ attention. It already has to a great extent. Samsung and Sony are already offering such devices. HTC’s Vive 2 VR headset is a highly-anticipated device and would be rolled out in 2017. The company is reportedly advancing its technology with Vive 2.

The HTC Vive 2 could be directly competing with the Oculus Rift as it is already in development. However, no release date has been offered by the company yet, reports Tech Radar. It is also not known whether HTC would go with the console model or the phone model. The console model sees new hardware once every six years or so whereas the phone model receives hardware refreshes every year.

The HTC Vive 2 could go wireless. In September, it was reported that HTC and Quark VR was working together to produce a wireless prototype headset. HTC may also upgrade the resolution of the Vive 2 headset. Even though a pair of 4K screens would create an immense buzz among enthusiast, it seems unlikely.

This is because it would be extremely difficult to drive them at an acceptable frame rate. As the current Lighthouses are pretty tricky to set up and short power leads make them inconvenient, the HTC Vive 2’s room-scale technology could be improved with more convenient technology. HTC may also be looking to revamp the design of the VR headset with a sleeker finish.

Certain sources claim that the HTC Vive 2 will be unveiled during the 2017 CES event. Even if this is not the case, HTC will at least release some details about the highly anticipated headset, reports Windowsreport.

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