How To Install Custom Content And Mods On "Sims 4"

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One of the best features that the game “Sims 4” has is its great modding support. You can get creative and improve your game by making a few personalized adjustments. Here are the steps on how to install custom content and mods on “Sims 4”.

1. First, you need to get and install a data compression program such as WinZip or WinRAR.

2. Next, look for the Mods folder of “Sims 4”. Go to Documents, then Electronic Arts, then The Sims 4 and finally, Mods.

3. Within the Mods folder, search for the file “resource.cfg”. This allows you to use third party content. The file should stay inside the Mods folder always.

4. There will be two kinds of Custom Content available for you to download. The first is Default Replacement while the second is Non-Default.

5. Custom content is made and distributed in the form .package. Put the downloaded content into the Mods folder. Do not install any other file type in the Mods folder. WinZip or WinRAR will be useful in opening compressed data that you downloaded.

7. When you finish adding the mods to “Sims 4”, the game will present a mod browser by default when you launch. You will know that the game has recognized the changes and implemented these accordingly.

8. It is expected to handle buggy or misidentified items once in a while since custom content are generally unapproved by the game developers. You can make various customizations such as changing the hair color of your characters or using unique items.

9. You can find more special items and custom options by visiting social media sites and “Sims 4” forums. Gamers usually share their own content in these sites for others to download and enjoy.

10. Mod The Sims features over 120 files for the game. Login to start downloading items from the website.

Experiment with various characters and feel free to explore your artistic side. Also get rid of content that appears buggy or do not work. Over the following weeks, you will notice how other gamers will share new mod content and updates on social media sites and forums. 


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