Another “Home Alone” character recently surfaced to respond to Macaulay Culkin’s guest appearance in the comedy webseries “:DRYVRS” as a grown-up Kevin McCallister. “Home Alone” cast member Daniel Stern has created a video to also show what happened to Marv, one of the bad guys in the 1990 Christmas film and its sequel titled “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

In the latest funny viral video, Stern’s character tries to contact sidekick Harry (Joe Pesci) to inform him about the return of a grown-up Kevin McCallister. Marv, who looks petrified in the video, further explained that Kevin is coming to get back at all of the home invaders after seeing the “:DRYVYRS” video.

“I’m scared! The kid is coming to get us. He’s coming for all the home invaders and he’s gonna come get us,” Stern’s character stated in the video.

Marv also recounted in the video the things that Kevin did to him in the two “Home Alone” films. The video ended with a black screen and Stern’s signature scream in “Home Alone” when Kevin placed his older brother Buzz’s tarantula on Marv’s face.

As for Jack Dishel’s new comedy webseries titled “:DRYVYRS,” the pilot episode has shown that Kevin McCallister is still bothered with his childhood experience in the “Home Alone” films even though he is now a grown-up and married man. In the video, Culkin’s character is still upset with his family for leaving him alone in the house as they head off to France for the traditional family Christmas vacation.

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Kevin further pointed out in the webseries that he also had to protect himself and defend his house from the two burglars called the “Wet Bandits.” Meanwhile, Collider reports that “Home Alone” is one of the best movies to watch during the holiday season.

Now that “Home Alone” characters Kevin McCallister and Marv have resurfaced, fans of the hit Christmas film are also expecting the other characters to make a video in response to “Home Alone” cast members Culkin and Stern’s viral videos. At the moment, actor Joe Pesci is the next “Home Alone” cast member anticipated to make a new funny video as the “Wet Bandits” leader, Harry, since Stern’s character in the viral video begged for his help.

Watch the “Home Alone Wet Bandit Resurfaces and Responds to Kevin MacCalister’s Threatening Video” below:

Source: YouTube/Daniel Stern

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