Fans of the Christmas film “Home Alone” can once again see its lead star Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in the pilot episode of new comedy webseries titled “:DRYVYRS.” Series creator Jack Dishel recounts in an interview how he convinced Culkin to star in “:DRYVYRS” episode 1 titled “Just Me In The House By Myself.”

In the 1990 film “Home Alone,” Culkin portrayed the character named Kevin McCallister who had to deal with two burglars by himself at home in Chicago because his family accidentally left him behind during their holiday trip. 9News claims Culkin’s appearance in “:DRYVRS” has a disturbing twist because the 35-year-old actor depicted how the experience affected Kevin as he grew up.

The pilot episode of “:DRYVYRS” has revealed that Kevin is married to a woman who works for a taxi company comparable to Uber. Kevin told Dishel, his first customer, that he is filling in for his wife at work even though he does not know how to drive.

Culkin and Dishel’s conversation about family brought back the traumatic Christmas experience in Kevin’s life. Culkin’s “Home Alone” character started to complain about the negligence of his parents, Kate (Catherine O’Hara) and Peter McCallister (John Heard).

“I’m really sorry man, I did not mean to upset you,” Dishel told Culkin in the video clip.

Culkin also showed McCallister’s skills in the film “Home Alone” when it comes to fending off an enemy when a man tried to carjack the duo. In an interview with Inside Edition, Dishel revealed that he was able to convince Culkin to take part in his comedy webseries through a phone call.

“It was made in fun and I think he felt that it would be fun. It is a mighty contrast from what he is known for but that's acting,” Dishel shared.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), “:DRYVYRS” is the latest project of former The Moldy Peaches guitarist Jack Dishel with co-director Kerry Harris, who portrayed the carjacker in the pilot episode. Dishel plans to share more episodes of “:DRYVYRS” in 2016 with actress Rosanna Arquette as one of his guest stars.

Watch the “:DRYVRS Ep. 1 ‘Just Me In The House By Myself’ starring Macaulay Culkin” video:

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Watch the “Creator Reveals How He Got Macaulay Culkin for New 'Home Alone' Role” video:

Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

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