Actor Macaulay Culkin Leaves The Santa Barbara County Courthouse In Santa Maria, California.
Culkin was called in as a witness in Michael Jackson's child molestation trial. "Home Alone" actor Culkin took the witness stand in defense of Michael Jackson Wednesday and denied the singer had ever molested him, terming such allegations "absolutely ridiculous,"May 11, 2005. Reuters

Reports of Macaulay Culkin's death were immediately declared by his representatives as fabricated. The actor is very much alive, and he has the photos to prove it.

Macaulay Culkin took to his band's Twitter account to slam recent reports of his death. The former child star is a member of the Pizza Underground, a band that according to Inquisitr spoofs "Velvet Underground songs with pizza-inspired lyrics." Using the power of social media, Culkin proved that he is very much alive and even touring with his band.

Inquisitr posted a photo where a smiling Macaulay Culkin is seen holding a bottle of soda. The photo was captioned "We're on tour you silly people / @anchovywarhol's." Then Culkin further convinced people that he is very much alive by posting another photo that shows what great things people can do when they are alive. The image was captioned, "One of the great things you can do when you're alive is stop for lunch in Breaux Bridge, LA." The actor is seen smiling while he poses on a roadside with his bandmates.

However, Macaulay Culkin didn't stop there. He reportedly ended his "death hoax jokes" with a parody of the comedy "Weekend at Bernies." Per Inquisitr, the 1989 film revolves around two guys who pretend their boss is alive so they could enjoy a weekend at his home. Culkin supposedly reenacted a scene from the movie. Yahoo Celebrity posted the photo showing the 34-year-old pretending to be dead while being held upright by one of his bandmates. The photo was captioned "Weekend at bernies with @anchovywarhol #greenroom."

Additionally, the band reportedly also retweeted a fan's post about the actor's death hoax. According to Yahoo, the fan was present during the band's show at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas. The fan supposedly heard Culkin's first words when the show started was "I'm alive!"

Macaulay Culkin's death hoax reportedly started on Nov. 8 through a Facebook Memorial page dedicated to the "Home Alone" star. According to Mashable, the page has since been taken down. This is the second time Culkin became the subject of death reports.