William Kircher
A picture of William Kircher (right) as Dr. Johnson and Tracey Birdsall as Sienna in the Sc-Fi movie “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.” “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.”

After playing the role of the dwarf Bifur in the “Hobbit” movie series, William Kircher has now joined the cast of the Sci-Fi flick “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.” The movie is being directed by Neil Johnson and it is set to wrap filming this week.

According to an official press release of the movie, Kircher plays the role of a character named Dr. Johnson and his voice will also be heard throughout the movie as The Scourge.

"For the first time in my career, I can truly say that the whole film is crammed with truly amazing actors, no one disappoints, but now that we have William Kircher, he is the icing on a very large cake,” Director Johnson said in the press release.

The movie also stars Tracey Birdsall in the lead role. She plays a character named Sienna in the movie. The director said that Birdsall and Kircher “light the screen up” with their chemistry. Johnson said that at one point of time he got so “enthralled” watching the two actors perform that he forgot they were shooting a movie and got “dragged into the scene.”

The dwarves were the highlight of the “Hobbit” movie series, so it will be interesting to see Kircher in this new role in “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.” “I think the only reason we got a busy actor of William’s stature was that he really wanted to work opposite Tracey Birdsall,” the director said.

Johnson paid rich compliments to Birdsall by saying that she was one of the few good looking actresses in Hollywood who can actually act. The director said that he can’t wait to see the two actors get together for another project.

“Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” is set to be released later this year. Some of the other cast members of the movie include Daz Crawford (Skullcrusher), Stephen Manley (Ralston), Tim McGrath (Blister), Aaron Jacques (Tycho), Ashley Park (Rhianna), Erin Bethea (Nurse Anita) and Marilyn Ghigliotti (Xarsis).