Charlie Sheen HIV
Actor Charlie Sheen (R) is seen through a window as he sits on the set of the NBC Today show prior to being interviewed by host Matt Lauer in the Manhattan borough of New York City, November 17, 2015. The former "Two and A Half Men" star said on Tuesday he is HIV positive. Reuters/Mike Segar

After Charlie Sheen’s alternative HIV treatment under Dr. Sam Chachoua failed to provide positive results, Sheen was back on his medication. However, the controversial Australian doctor, who injected himself with Sheen’s HIV positive blood, is back in news again. This time he claims that he has found a HIV cure in goat’s milk.

The Mexico-based doctor, who is not licensed to practice medicine in the US, said that he has “cured countries” of the deadly HIV with milk of arthritic goats. According to the doctor, goat’s milk contains the CAEV virus, from which he extracted his rehabilitative serum. He went live on "Real Time with Bill Maher" over the weekend.

The controversial doctor made claims of having cured the “Two and a Half Men” actor and others living in Comoros off the coast of Africa in 2006. Chachoua said that Sheen was the first adult to go HIV negative and that CAEV virus in goat’s milk “destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life.”

Chachoua believes that all of Sheen’s side-effects disappeared the moment Sheen started his therapy and his liver too went to normal levels. Sheen had previously complained about severe headaches and “poo poo pants” on "The Dr. Oz Show" due to the HIV drugs he was taking.

“Even the charts they held up on our show, all the great tests they showed, they were during my treatment, not theirs,” Chachoua said.

Previously, Sheen’s doctors said just the opposite. They said that after the actor’s HIV diagnosis in 2011, he started taking proper HIV medicines. It brought down his numbers to undetectable levels.

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However, the numbers were up again after Chachoua’s treatment.

“Charlie is back on his meds. He tried a cure from a doctor in Mexico but the minute the numbers went up, he started taking his medicine,” Sheen’s manager Mark Burg had earlier said.