Former “Two and a Half Man” star Charlie Sheen has hired a new family lawyer, his fourth so far, as he prepares for a court battle against his ex-wife, actress Denise Richards.

The 50-year-old actor has enlisted the services of Mark Vincent Kaplan, in replacement of his ex-attorney Robert Brandt. Kaplan also represents Kevin Federline, who used to be singer Britney Spears’ husband, according to a report by Radar.

Sheen’s move comes on the heels of Richard’s recent shocking lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles court. Richards, 44, has sued Sheen for over a million dollars over claims that he hasn’t lived up to financially supporting his children with her, entertainment blogger Perez Hilton reported on the Wendy Williams show. According to Hilton, Sheen also sent Richards inappropriate text messages, including threats to kill her.

In the lawsuit, Richards demands her ex-husband to either put US$7 million (AU$9.97 million) in cash into the trust fund for their children, 11-year old Sam and 10-year old Lola, or buy a home of equal value, the Radar report said. Sheen reportedly sold the Mulholland Estates mansion that had been titled to a trust for the girls.

For Sheen’s part, his attorney Marty Singer released a statement, claiming that Richards is not satisfied in receiving US$660,000 (AU$939,900) tax-free each year for almost 10 years. “It is not enough money for her, besides the approximate US$10 million (AU$14.24 million) she has received from Charlie under her short marriage,” Singer’s statement read. Sheen got married to Richards in 2002, and the two were divorced in 2006.

Richard’s lawsuit adds to the other legal challenges being faced by Sheen. In December 2015, his former fiancée Scottine Ross sued him for US$1 million (AU$1.42 million) to compensate for assault, battery, false imprisonment and failure to disclose to her that he was HIV-positive, according to CNN. In addition, the adult film actress known as Brett Rossi wants a cut from Sheen’s earnings from the cancelled TV show "Anger Management."

Last year, Sheen made headlines after revealing in an interview with NBC’s “Today” that he is HIV-positive. The actor claimed that he was diagnosed with the condition four years ago, and he was compelled to announce it since those who knew about it were asking money in exchange for keeping his secret.

Source: YouTube/Wendy Williams