High Beam Shoes.
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A flashlight is something that kids are expected to carry with them at night. However, many a times kids find themselves in a situation where they are in desperate need of a flashlight, but don’t have one.

A Dallas based company has found a perfect solution to such problems by installing a powerful high beam flashlight on the top of kids’ shoes. “Each pair of High Beams comes equipped with 2 super bright, built in, forward facing, ‘headlights,’ like a car,” a statement from the official press release of the company reads.

“We spend half of our lives without sunlight. Are [we] just supposed to stop going outside because it’s dark”? asks the owner Joe Goodrich. “With just a click of the button, located on the tongue of the shoe, you have flashlights for your feet. Sure they are pretty cool, and great for exploring, camping and hide and seek at night, however High Beams sees it a little differently.”

The company points out that kids today run the risk of getting injured by tripping on stairs or while walking in dark hallways. “ The headlights help kids pay attention to where they are going and lights the way,” the company states.

High Beam Shoes is owned by a father and son team Joe Goodrich Sr. and Joe Jr. The idea for the shoes was originally developed to help pay the bills, when the owner’s mother was diagnosed with ALS in late 2013.

“Sadly, my mother passed away before we could release the shoes,” the owner told International Business Times, Australia. The owner still intends to give away a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of the shoes to help ALS families, in memory of his late mother.

High Beam Shoes will be released to the public in March. The company has launched their marketing campaign with a video. A song from the 1978 hit movie “Grease” has been featured in the video.

Credit – YouTube/joegoodrich2

High Beam Shoes
A picture of High Beam Shoes. Supplied
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A picture of High Beam Shoes. Supplied
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A picture of High Beam Shoes. Supplied