Colm Meaney
Cast member and Irish actor Colm Meaney poses at the premiere screening of AMC cable channel's new series "Hell on Wheels" in Los Angeles October 27, 2011. Reuters/Fred Prouser

Durant will be back in episode 9 of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5. A scene from the next episode released online shows him making a deal with Mickey. The two characters will negotiate the terms of their agreement.

[Spoiler alert]

Durant (Colm Meaney) will be back in the next episode, after episode 8 focused only on the showdown between Cullen (Anson Mount) and The Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl). The storyline will once again focus on the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

There seems to be some concern for Durant, as he is facing difficulty in completing the project quickly. A preview video posted on Indiewire shows that he is short of workers. Chang (Byron Mann) has been supplying Chinese workers to Collis Huntington (Tim Guinee), and Durant now looks to Mickey McGinnes (Phil Burke) for more workers for his company.

Durant approaches Mickey at the latter’s bar, and requests a thousand more Irish workers. Durant makes a lucrative offer to Mickey, but he is not just interested in money.

Mickey will make a bold move in the next episode of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5. Sensing that Durant is in desperate need of workers, Mickey will suggest that Durant should give him stock in the Union Pacific Railroad company, instead of money.

Durant reminds Mickey in the video that he is just a labour contractor, so he should stick to supplying workers for money. However, Mickey knows that Brigham Young (Gregg Henry) has withdrawn his men from the work, after he found out that Durant has been lying to him all along.

So, Durant is now short about 900 men. Mickey will not take no for an answer and drives a hard bargain in the next episode of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5. Mickey is tired of the “dirty” business he is in, and now wants something better for himself.