The last scene of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5 was reportedly filmed recently. The scene is said to involve the race to complete the transcontinental railroad and the scene is said to resemble a historic event in U.S. history. [Spoiler alert]

The production set at the CL Ranch in Jumping Pound Creek that is close to Calgary was the place where the last scene of the show was filmed, The Globe and Mail reports. The scene involved two trains facing each other on the same railway track.

Many of the extras who were a part of the last scene were reportedly playing the roles of railroad workers. There were also men wearing wool suits and women wearing “tightly laced corsets.” The report notes that the last scene resembles the historic photograph that was taken at the Promontory Summit in Utah in 1869. The event marked the completion of the transcontinental railroad.

Cast member Colm Meaney (Thomas Durant) praised the location where the last scene was filmed. “I don’t think we could have shot this anywhere else,” the actor said. Meaney said that the locations where the “Hell on Wheels” was filmed were “beautiful” and also praised the crew members for being “skillful” and particularly mentioned the wranglers and the cowboys who were tasked with taking care of the animals on the set.

The pilot episode was filmed in Alberta and the subsequent episodes were supposed to be filmed in New Mexico or Utah. Executive producer Michael Rosenberg, however, revealed that after filming in Alberta they realized that the location was perfect for the whole series.

The TV series began in the year 2011 and will come to an end with the second part of the fifth season next year. In a previous interview with CarterMatt executive producer John Wirth praised the script of the series finale and said that it was written by Tom Brady and Jami O’Brien.

The next part of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5 is slated to air some time in 2016. Apart from the railroad storyline of Union Pacific and Central Pacific, the plot is expected to also focus on the final showdown between Cullen Bohannan (Anson Mount) and The Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl).

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