In Season 6 Episode 20 of “Hawaii Five-0,” the team looked into a case involving a rampaging elephant, which turned out to be a cover to steal a powerful military-grade suit.

During the episode, titled “Ka Haunaele,” which means “Rampage,” a circus elephant escaped from its handlers and went on a rampage on the main road, causing everyone to flee. However, the incident became more serious after the Hawaii Police Department discovered via security cameras that someone intentionally let the huge beast loose. It turned out that someone used the elephant incident to hack into an export company’s security system to steal a special military grade suit valued at $80 million (about AU $104 million).

The suit was state-of-the-art and intended for military use. The user would stay immune against firearms, explosions and other threats. The user will also improve his overall physical abilities by wearing it. In short, the suit was invulnerable and would be dangerous in the hands of the wrong person.

Team Five-0 started to look into potential suspects who may have known about the suit, while Eric (Andrew Lawrence) investigated the elephant incident. It turned out that Isabel, Jerry’s (Jorge Garcia) little sister, was the one who freed the elephant. It would destroy her plans of becoming a lawyer someday. Eric, however, did Jerry a favor by “accidentally” deleting Isabel’s photo that would tie her to the case.

Subsequently, Jerry discovered that his sister was involved with an animal activist group named “Animals Without Chains.” Isabel was actually determined to find the elephant again and put it in its ideal habitat. Jerry helped her cover her tracks. McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) also knew what they did and decided to ignore it.

In the meantime, the people who stole the power suit let its presence known by attacking the police department. A man in the suit went into the evidence room to steal a berretta, which was the only available evidence in a case against Luke Waiola, a man that the HPD had been after for several years. They also discovered that Waiola’s lawyer wired $10 million (about AU 13 million) into a new account on the same day when the suit was stolen. The lawyer eventually agreed to participate in catching the suited enemy.

Later, the team managed to ram the man in the power armor with a car and took his helmet off before he returned to his senses. The suspect was actually one of the people they interviewed before.

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