In Season 6 Episode 18 of “Kanaka Hahai,” Danny (Scott Caan) and his kids go after two men who stole their car. The team also worked on a case involving a slave ship.

During the episode, which means “The Hunter,” Danny tried to spend some quality time with his two children by having lunch together. However, they realised that their car was stolen during their meal. His daughter Grace wanted to contact the cops but her phone was also inside the vehicle.

Abby (Julie Benz) confessed to Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) that she was in Hawaii to monitor the team. Chin, in turn, shared her revelation with McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) to protect their unit. McGarrett was not upset with Abby and understood that she was only following orders. He actually invited Abby to stay in Hawaii, which she accepted.

The case of the week involved two mean floating off the coast. One of them, Wattana, was shot dead from the incident. However, Wattana was already reported dead for over six years. When the team investigated the ship, they found out that the vessel was not supposed to exist. The ghost ship was actually a slave. The men they found adrift were kidnapped with 14 others and forced to work on a fishing boat.

Kamekona (Taylor Wily) helped the team by giving them details on where the cheapest fish on the island could be bought. The intermediary led them to the slave ship. McGarrett had his source contact the slaver to set a meeting. The team managed to overcome the slavers without hurting any of their victims below deck.

In the meantime, Danny and his kids were busy going after their stolen car. They took over a crowded bus to search for the two men. Eventually, he managed to recover their vehicle as well as apprehend the culprits with the help of a hunter. They overcame the carnappers with a bow and arrow. The entire experience became a great bonding moment for all of them too. also reveals that tight end Martellus Bennett will guest star in the episode “KaHaunaele” on April 15, 2016. He will appear with his brother Michael, Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end.

The next episode of “Hawaii Five-0” Season 6 will air Wednesday on TenPlay in Australia.