“Hawaii Five-0” Season 6 Episode 17 aired on Mar. 11, 2016. In “Waiwai,” the team hunted a Russian spy who stole a flash drive that holds classified NSA information that puts one of them in danger. In the meantime, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) also discovered why Catherine (Michelle Borth) left him.

The task force realized that they were being investigated by prosecutor Robert Coughlin, who vowed to take down Chin (Danielle Dae Kim) and the team for revenge for the demise of his brother, Rex Coughlin. Rex previously also went on a mission to bring down Chin and Five-0, but in the process, got himself killed for his offenses.

However, Abby (Julie Benz), who was tasked by Robert to get some dirt from the team, did not know about the latter’s true intentions and she subsequently found nothing wrong about the group and its principles.

However, Robert did not want Abby to pull out. She was compelled to continue observing the group as they attended to their latest case. A young woman pretending to be a surgeon stole a USB, revealing that Dalton’s firm managed classified NSA information, which means that the team is looking for spies.

Dalton actually did not know that he was made a spy by his Russian girlfriend, Anna. Dalton said that he stole NSA files because he loved his country and wanted the NSA to stop spying on people. The team told Dalton that his Russian girlfriend was merely using him so that Russia can find operatives worldwide.

Dalton later revealed that the USB had been encrypted so that only he can acquire information from the flash drive. His girlfriend proceeded to drug that whole area to reach Dalton. Fortunately, McGarrett was able to find Anna in time and save Dalton.

In the final scenes, Abby told Chin the truth about why she is in Hawaii. She finally came clean about Robert’s motives against him and the team and how her feelings for him are real.

The next episode, titled “Kanaka Hahai,” will air on Apr. 1 on CBS.