Season 6 Episode 16 of “Hawaii Five-0,” titled “KaPohakuKihiPa’a,” which means “The Solid Cornerstone,” will feature the return of an old friend of McGarrett.

Spoilers Guide reveals that Michael Imperioli will reprise his role as Odell Martin, while Ziggy Marley will guest star in the episode as Bones, Odell’s friend.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Hawaii Five-O” season 6 episode 16 spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the new episode airs.

“Sang Min, Five-0's sketchy longtime confidential informant, is accused of murder, so McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) asks his old friend Odell Martin to defend him,” stated the episode synopsis on

Carter Matt writes that, previously, Melanie Griffith returned on the show as Danny’s (Scott Caan) mother, Clara. The FBI was previously investigating Danny’s family regarding the fate of his deceased brother. During the investigation, Abby (Julie Benz) was placed as a mole to get more details about the team.

Benz revealed to TVLine that federal prosecutor Robert Coughlin (Ingo Rademacher) wanted to take the team down and put Abby in a difficult situation. Abby actually admires the team because of their principles and accomplishments. She may soon have to decide whether to follow orders or her heart. She said that fans will be hating her for a while until someone in the team finds out about her real status.

Fans will be delighted to discover that another familiar face is coming back to the show. Odell has been a vital source of information for the team since he first appeared on the show. His reappearance may involve guaranteeing that an essential informant will stay protected.

Carter Matt also reveals that in the near future, McGarett and Five-0 will search for a Russian spy possessing a stolen flash drive that contains classified NSA information. The data will put the life of one member in the team at risk. McGarrett will also know the truth as to why Catherine left him. Abby will attempt to keep her main mission from Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) and the team hidden.

“The Solid Cornerstone” is written by Peter M. Lenkov and directed by Jerry Levine.

“Hawaii Five-0” Season 6 Episode 16 will air next on Friday, Feb. 26 on CBS in the US and on Channel 10 in Australia. More updates and details are expected soon.