In Season 6 Episode 19 of “Hawaii Five-0,” Lou Grover (Chi McBride) hides his family from a mob boss. The team also worked around the FBI to save him.

“A mob boss from a case Grover worked 15 years ago seeks revenge and forces Grover to take his family on the run,” stated the episode synopsis on

The episode initially showcased a nice and fun breakfast between McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Grover. McGarrett began to notice that something was not right about his friend. Shortly, Steve saw Lou talking to someone outside, but when he went out to check, the two men were gone.

He tried to track Lou and discovered that he and his family were on the run. Lou’s house was fixed so that no one could know that they were there or where they were headed to next. Actually, Lou worked on an old case which resulted to the destruction of a crime organization back in Philadelphia.

Later, the team found out that the man that Lou was talking to outside the restaurant was Agent Frank Zagar. Lou and his family depended on Zagar for protection, but the team continued to go around the FBI to get more details about Lou’s predicament. They realised that Lou went up against Aaron Barnes and his son, Junior before. While Aaron Sr. died in prison, his son was recently released.

Lou subsequently realised that Agent Zagar betrayed him and his famly by planning to take them to Junior. Lou initially got rid of the men after him by driving them off the road. Afterwards, his family of four went on foot. He let his family go in one direction while he attempted to divert Zagar and his group who were tailing them.

The Five-0 team also discovered that Zagar could not be trusted and went out of their way to help Lou. They spotted Junior near the private plane he flew in to enter Hawaii. A gun battle followed, with the group finishing off Junior and all his men.

Zagar, on the other hand, lost the support team he was counting on because of team Five-0. Lou was able to overcome Zagar’s men and took the agent alive. The team found Lou and his family walking with Zagar in handcuffs. The episode ended well for the entire team.

“Hawaii Five-0” will air next on Apr. 15, 2016.