Correction: A Dec. 9 version of this story erroneously stated that Peter M. Lenkov mentioned closure to Carol Burnett's character, Aunt Deb and that he said it’s “probably not a good thing.” Burnett’s last appearance on “Hawaii Five-O” was neither confirmed nor discussed. She’s also not battling cancer. It’s her character who is suffering from the disease. The story was corrected accordingly on Dec. 10 at 5:48 pm AEDT.

“Hawaii Five-O” Season 6, episode 10 will air on Friday on CBS. The episode titled “Ka Makau kaa kaua” or “The Sweet Science,” was written by John Dove and directed by Bryan Spicer. [Spoiler Alert!]

For the show's 10th episode, the description on TV Guide states that it will focus on boxing and murder. The Five-O team will investigate the murder of the brother of a promising local boxer, Luke Nakano (Lewis Tan). The prime suspect in the case happens to be the boxer’s outspoken reigning champion opponent, Devon Haynes (Harold House Moore), from the mainland.

Gabriel “Gabe” Waincroft (Christopher Sean) will return in the upcoming episode to look for revenge. He will plan his revenge against Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale). Gabe last appeared in Season 6, episode 4 titled "Ka Papahana Holo Pono" or "Best Laid Plans," where Adam was compelled to torture Aaron Brenner (Michael Maize), Gabe’s partner.

“It’s definitely going to affect Kono (Grace Park) and Adam’s relationship,” Lenkov said in another report from TV Guide.

“That threat is not going away… He’s definitely a big presence in their lives and everbody else’s.” Lenkov added.

“Ka Makau kaa kaua” or “The Sweet Science,” did not air on Nov. 27 due to the Thanksgiving break. It will instead air on Friday at 9 pm on CBS. The episode will be the show's last before its official winter break. The series will resume in 2016.

According to the Internet Movie Database, guest stars of “Ka Makau kaa kaua” include Candace Smith (Keiko Hekekia) and Joseph Lim Kim (Ben Nakano). Other actors and actresses who will appear in this episode are Taylor Wily (Kamekona), Julie Benz (Inspector Abby Dunn), Kelemete Misipeka (Juru Katsu), Abe Rodriguez (Referee), Akira Hirayama (Goro Shioma), Chris Tanaka (Himself), James "Buddy" McGirt (Himself), Shawn Mokuahi Garnett (Flippa) and Larry Manetti (Nicky "The Kid" DeMarco).

In “Hawaii Five-O” Season 6, episode 9, titled “Charade,” or "Hana Keaka," Danny (Scott Caan) and his nephew Eric (Andrew Lawrence ) went undercover as a college professor and student, respectively, to investigate the murder of one of the teachers in the school.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Aunt Deb (Carol Burnett), who’s battling cancer in the show, is tentatively slated to return in the New Year. More updates and details on “Hawaii Five-O” are expected soon.

Watch the trailer for the “Hawaii Five-O” Season 6, episode 10 "Ka Makau kaa kaua"/"The Sweet Science" here:

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