In Season 6 Episode 9 of “Hawaii Five-O,” titled “Hana Keaka (Charade),” the identity of the killer surprised many viewers. The victim, a college professor named Elliot Thomas, was dumped into a pig pen, which would cause the pigs to eat away all the evidence. Jerry (Jorge Garcia) was in charge of watching and waiting for the pigs to finally digest and excrete the evidence, but it seemed like he was enjoying his work.

Danny (Scott Caan) took on the role of a college professor to solve the murder case. He worked as a substitute teacher for the late professor. The team received a report about the death of the college professor who ended up with the pigs. The unit initially did not know who would want to kill the teacher. They speculated that the culprit may be an unhappy student who hated his teaching methods or received a bad grade. The professor may also have some enemies from the outside. The team tried to look for ways to investigate the case and find the person behind the gruesome manner of disposing the body.

Eric (Andrew Lawrence) also participated in the task by working undercover as a college student. Eric, however, has an attitude that some people would adore, while others would fume at. Danny definitely had problems with his nephew and even Kono (Grace Park) wanted to hit Eric several times.

Ultimately, it was revealed that Alfie Tucker, or Tuck, a student was behind the killing. Despite his smart plan of letting the pigs take care of the body, Danny told him that the animals could not digest metal, particularly the bullets from the gun that Tuck possessed at the time of the professor’s death.

Danny gave Eric credit for a job well done in the end.

In the meantime, Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) bonds with Agent Dunn (Julie Benz) while staying in Hawaii.

Overall, “Hana Keaka” was a lighter episode compared to the usual heavy action that the show features.

“Hawaii Five-O” will be taking a short break and return on Dec. 11 on CBS.

Watch the teaser for “Hawaii Five-O” season 6 episode 10 here.

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