“Hawaii Five-O” will be taking a short break for Thanksgiving. Instead of Nov. 27, Season 6 Episode 10, titled “KaMakauKaaKaua,” will air on Dec. 11 instead on CBS. The episode will also be the last segment before the official winter recess.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Hawaii Five-O” spoilers.

In the midseason finale summary posted on TV.com, the brother of a promising local boxer is killed. The prime suspect is the outspoken reigning champion from the mainland whom the rising star will be fighting.

Previously in Episode 9, Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and his nephew, Eric (Andrew Lawrence), had to go undercover as college professors to investigate a murder. The body of the victim, a teacher whom Danny substituted, was disposed of by being fed to pigs.

The next episode will showcase the return of the villain Gabriel (Christopher Sean). The character last appeared in Season 6 Episode 4, where Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) was forced to torture Aaron (Michael Maize), Gabriel’s partner. Gabriel will return to get back at Adam.

Before, Gabriel attempted to infiltrate the computer system of the squad. Gabe might be walking into a trap, but he is expected to have some safety measures ready.

TV Guide interviewed showrunner Peter Lenkov who shared a few details on what to expect in Episode 10. There will reportedly be a huge twist in the Gabriel/Adam plot and a sudden change in Adam and Kono’s (Grace Park) relationship. The newly married couple will experience some huge consequences and will have to settle a number of issues. Lenkov stated that the threat will not go away and that Gabriel’s presence will greatly affect the lives of Adam, Kono and others.

Kono will eventually find out about the events on the day that Adam was supposed to be going for his physical therapy session. Kono’s story will be different than the rest, since the challenges that she has to go through began from the start of the season.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lenkov also revealed that Aunt Deb will be making a return, although her deteriorating health may not allow her to keep appearing in future episodes.

“Hawaii Five-O” Season 6 Episode 10 was written by Lenkov and Alex Kurtzman. More updates and details are expected to surface soon.

Watch the trailer for “KaMakauKaaKaua” here.

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