It's time for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift fans to rejoice. The buzz is that the couple is secretly dating each other. During One Direction's weekend interview with Jonathan Ross Show when Harry was asked about how he keeps his exes from complaining about him, he said that he is still friends with them.

So does that mean Harry Styles is still on good terms with Taylor Swift?

If you remember Taylor Swift and Harry Styles had a very public break-up and later they were scene ranting about each other in the media. But now it seems that the couple is back together as a source told Celebrity Fix, "Harry has never really gotten over Taylor and thinks she is gorgeous. He is going to spend some serious time with her in the run up to Christmas and New Year."

It was also rumoured that Hazza has been helping Taylor in finding a home. A source revealed to, "When Taylor confided in Harry during a phone conversation how she wanted to live somewhere close to him in North London whilst she was in Europe working, Harry quickly was on hand to help."

If Harry Style and Taylor Swift are going to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays together, then there is possibility of the two dating again. Also if Taylor Swift is planning to live close to Hazza's home, then she may be seriously considering getting back with him.

"They'll see how it works at Christmas and make it official in the New Year", the source further revealed.

In all probability Harry and Taylor may get back. They indeed are a high profile couple and look good with each other. We will be happy to say Hazza and Taylor romancing and kissing at the New Year's Eve, just the way they did last year at Times Square. Till then, keeping our fingers crossed.