World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham recently took it upon himself to address the present situation of current WWE superstar Roman Reigns’ title push by the company. Graham posted a lengthy post on his Facebook page suggesting a fantasy booking for the upcoming blockbuster event, WrestleMania 32 in April.

Reigns is set to defend his WWE World Heavyweight title against Sheamus on the recent episode of RAW and the biggest attraction of the match being WWE owner Vince McMahon as the special guest referee.

Graham stated this as the perfect opportunity for the company to give Reigns the needed change that the character requires. He explained why WWE should consider turning Reigns heel and offer him the opportunity to use the microphone more.

Graham stated the role of scriptwriters in today’s WWE programming claiming that they help around 99% of the wrestlers on the roster with the glaring exception being the Rock. He also stated that it depends on the wrestlers on how a script is delivered over the microphone and claimed John Cena as the perfect example. Graham also noted of his own discomfort on reading from a script and mentioned that he along with the late Dusty Rhodes used to create memorable lines themselves.

Graham suggested a possible fantasy script for WWE to follow in order to give a different direction to the character Roman Reigns has at the moment.

“I suggest after his matches with Triple H they turn him heel and find a mouthpiece for him. What I would like to see happen is after their first match, go for a return match in a cage with Shawn Michaels as the special ref at mania 32 in Dallas.” Graham said on his Facebook account.

He also claimed that the company needs more star power other than the Rock in the upcoming WrestleMania 32.

“They need some more star power for this coming mania other than the Rock cutting another promo” Graham mentioned. Graham was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 14, 2004.