Spider-Man's Tale: Synthetic Silk That Can Stop Train to Soon be a Reality
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One of the most talked about topics among the series of emails that the hacker leaked has something to do with the "Spider-Man" movie. The newly leaked email revealed that Sony and Marvel are still in talks to share the "Spider-Man" movie rights and that there are potential plans for a new story reboot from Sony.

According to Business Insider, Marvel Comics still has the ownership rights over the fictional characters in the "Spider-Man" comic books but the company can sell the film rights to different studios. From the hundreds of superhero characters in the "Spider-Man" franchise, the email leaked that Sony badly wanted some of the characters while the other characters were outright rejects. Fans of the Marvel superhero will surely find the list of characters rather interesting.

"Santa Claus Burglar" is among the many characters that appeared in the "Spider-Man" comic book during the mid-1980's. The character was a thief who disguised himself as Santa Claus and persuades children to tell him where they live. Apparently, the villain was defeated by the actual Santa Claus. It appears that Sony wanted to have the rights for the character and the villain's name appeared on a 2011internal document that was titled "Disputed characters list".

Other characters on the list were "Bag-Man" or otherwise known as "The Amazing Bag-Man" or "The Bombastic Bag-Man" and "Xandu the Unspeakable" who is an elderly man that has "hypnotic eyes" as his power. "Thermo the Thermatronic Man" aka "The Street Stalker" is a character that blasts lasers from his hand, was also on the email. Additionally, "Hypno-Hustler" is a funk musician who uses his magic goggles to hypnotise his victims in order to steal their valuables.

The list also includes the parody character "Spider-Ham" or otherwise known as "Peter Porker" which was the pig version which possessed the super abilities of "Spider-Man". Marvel told Sony that this character had already been frozen.

A character which Sony didn't want as revealed by the email was "The Black Abbot". A 1980's hooded villain who owned a jetcraft who shoots energy beams from his hands which turned people into dust. Another character on the "don't want" list was "Agent 003" which was a spoof of "James Bond". Apparently, Sony is not a fan of parodies and spoofs.

Other character on the list was "Mother Inferior", an obese lady who has powers over an army of rats and cockroaches from her lair. Lastly, "Tordenkakerlakk", also known as "The Thunder Cockroach", a magic space cockroach whom Spider was unable to defeat.

Furthermore, fresh leaked emails also revealed plans of studio chiefs to ditch British actor Andrew Garfield. Rumours say that Sony executives were not impressed with the poor box office performance and poor reviews for the "Amazing Spider-Man 2". Some speculations were also heard saying that a "female spidey movie" is being considered, Telegraph reports.