Grand Theft Auto
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“Grand Theft Auto 6” is on the wish list of many players, especially because the last chapter of the franchise was released in 2013. The excitement is also coming from the expectation that Rockstar Games will tell a story beyond US borders.

The most popular setting at this point is Manila, Philippines. The idea, which originated from GTA 5 Cheats, has gotten plenty of support from the general public. Mostly, this is because of the current media coverage on Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

While Duterte has taken his war on drugs to controversial heights, which could be an exciting theme in GTA 6, there are other reasons why Manila would make an ideal city to explore. The city is densely populated, for example, with almost 40 thousand residents living per square kilometre. Furthermore, the city has a variety of terrain that could be exciting to investigate.

The city is nestled between two bays and connects two larger masses of land together. And within the city lies a variety of different industries and environments -- the central business district is surrounded by commercial malls and residential areas, which could provide the perfect mix of urban and natural sections.

There is, however, another city that has stayed a popular choice amongst GTA 6 enthusiasts: a London map that is set in the past. While this definitely would limit the number of things players can do, the vintage feel of the game might be enough to compensate for it. After all, GTA has no shortage of modern machinery.

In reality, GTA is no stranger to London. Players already explored this map in “GTA: London 1969” and “GTA: London 1961,” which were both released in 1999. However, the franchise has received quite an upgrade since then, so it would still be interesting to see exactly how Rockstar will change things up.