Grand Theft Auto 5 Facebook/Rockstar Games

Fans have been waiting for Rockstar Games to release “Grand Theft Auto 6” since the start of the year. The game developer is expected to finally make the reveal at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting this month.

Sony’s PSM will take place on Sept. 7, with plenty of gaming industry players also expected to make appearances. However, speculation regarding the release of “Grand Theft Auto 6” came specifically from the Twitter post of Tidux, who has been recognised as an industry insider.

His post is highly cryptic and does not give much away, except that Rockstar Games is likely to make an appearance at PSM. If GTA 6 does make an appearance at the event, then it is possible that the game will be released to the market sometime in the next year.

This would be a little unprecedented from the game developers, however, as it has generally taken them four years to release each generation. If this schedule were to persist, GTA 6 will not be available for purchase until 2018, and Rockstar Games is likely to announce the release of “Red Dead Redemption” at the PSM instead.

If this is the case, and GTA 6 does not hit shelves for another two years, it is likely that the game will come with a virtual reality option. By then, VR Technology will be more refined than it is now, and Rockstar Games could benefit from providing players the opportunity to experience “Grand Theft Auto” in a new platform.

Other rumours surrounding the upcoming game revolve primarily around its setting and protagonist. The most prevalent guess is that players will instead take control of a female character, who will be voiced by actress Eva Mendes. With the protagonist, players will make their way around London in the 60s.

Rockstar Games has kept very tight lipped about the next iteration of its successful franchise, and it has not confirmed or denied anything about “Grand Theft Auto 6.”