GTA Online Stunt Race Creator: Entourage mode added, features detailed

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Screen Cap of a footage for GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Trailer by Rockstar Games
Screen Cap of a footage for GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator Trailer by Rockstar Games YouTube/Rockstar Games

GTA Online has recently announced its Cunning Stunts DLC, which showcases over 27 new radical races with new vehicles to go along. Now, the said content update will have more features added to it in the form of a Stunt Race Creator.

In the said feature for GTA Online, players are permitted to create custom races as they please. Some of the add-ons include Raised Tracks, Loops and Tubes that aim to deliver a whole new kind of thrill. According to Game Rant, the Stunt Race Creator allows players to trek through the Lost Santos Skyline, surpassing Mount Chiliad and swerve through bridges.

There are some attributes that resemble the Land Race Creator, but have some other distinctions as well, Express reports. Brand new tools such as audio cues, moving props, RP boosts and speed strips can be used by the players to make a series of probabilities.

One of the patch notes for the GTA Online Stunt Race Creator content is that bodyguards will attempt to leave a Target right before a group of Assassins reach them. The Target and the Bodyguards will have less lives, but will be equipped better.

For the harder thrill-seekers that do not necessarily look for races, a new Adversary Mode has been added to the update, namely the Entourage Mode. The particular mode will need the participation of the entire team of Bodyguards to transport a highly-armoured Target to a certain Extraction Point, while taking on the team of Assassins that can only be seen by the Target through radar.

Apart from the audio props mentioned earlier, the GTA Online update also includes Firework Placements that will permit its makers to enable fireworks during certain moments while they race. Another feature is the Fast Zoom, which allows players to swiftly use the zoom function while in the creator.

The "GTA Online" Stunt Race Creator does not need a separate download and is now made available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

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