Grand Theft Auto 6 news on release: Male and female duo protagonist, update on possible map locations

By @eurrikke on
New York, UNITED STATES"Grand Theft Auto IV" video game boxes are displayed on a rack inside a GameStop store in New York prior to the midnight release of the video game April 28, 2008. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

A male and female protagonist duo is a fair assumption for Grand Theft Auto 6. The developer Rockstar’s absence in this year’s E3 has sent the community in a wild speculation spree. The speculation spawned from Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes being rumoured to be voice actors for the main characters for the upcoming GTA 6.

The game’s protagonists being a duo from the opposite sex would be a different take on the GTA franchise as the protagonists have all been male. Others speculate that players will be able to play a cop as the game’s protagonist.

GTA 6 was rumoured initially to release in 2018 based on Rockstar’s release pattern. Now the release date has been pushed back along with the rumours of Playstation 5 releasing on 2020.

The list of locations has increased as initially London, Chicago and San Diego were the primary speculated locations. London was the prime candidate following talks of the development team being mostly British. It opened up more speculations on the new game mechanic would be the ability to travel between continents.

Intercontinental travel rumours were bolstered with Tokyo located added to the list. The game world being set in three distinct locations from different countries is a big developmental task, if Rockstar decides to do it. This feature hints the possibility of more vehicle types to help players traverse the new game map.

Other than that a female protagonist is being looked into, Rockstar has yet to make any official announcements regarding the rumours. Rockstar’s GTA series attempts to be bigger and better in every new release. Grand Theft Auto has become an iconic game that started its own genre. Luckily, GTA 5 has a host of mods for the PC and PS4 that can be downloaded until GTA 6 arrives.