Grand Theft Auto
"Grand Theft Auto 5" reportedly cost Rockstar Games over US$200 million (AU$264 million) to produce. Facebook/Grand Theft Auto 5

If the number of reports and theories are anything to go by, “Grand Theft Auto 6” is definitely one of the most talked about and awaited sequels of the year. But while producer Rockstar Games has kept quiet about working on the new title, the numbers are definitely pointing in that direction.

According to Neuro Gadget, it cost the game producer an estimated US$265 million (AU$350 million) to create “Grand Theft Auto 5.” Even though this sum of money is one of the largest to ever be invested on a single title, Rockstar Games quickly earned this back. On its first 24 hours alone, it reportedly made an profit of US$800 million (AU$1.055 billion).

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Knowing these numbers, it is understandable why Rockstar is still milking GTA 5 for what it can offer. Even after three years since the release of the base game, DLCs and expansion packs are still flying off the shelves. There is no question about whether or not “Grand Theft Auto 6” will make money, but it could instead be about how much will have to be spent.

The budget for “Grand Theft Auto 5” was immense, but the necessary budget for “Grand Theft Auto 6” might blow initial numbers out of the water. While having to top the current game is definitely a factor in this, the current developments in the virtual reality platform are factors as well. The game producers and designers need to consider this, especially because the new chapter in the franchise is expected to have a VR Feature.

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Creating a base game will estimatedly cost Rockstar Games US$260 million (AU$343 million) to develop “Grand Theft Auto 6.” This number, while already staggering, does not take VR compatibility into consideration. It will reportedly cost the company an added US$40 million (AU$53 million) to make this a reality.