"Grand Theft Auto V" from Rockstar Games Facebook/Grand Theft Auto

Ever since it was released by Rockstar Games in 2013, “Grand Theft Auto 5” has been a huge success. Because of its appeal, gamers have been eagerly awaiting “Grand Theft Auto 6,” but the game developer is using this as a reason to delay adding a new title to the franchise.

Prior to this week, the hope was high that “Grand Theft Auto 6” would soon hit the market. There were numerous reports stating that Rockstar Games was working on the new title, which heightened the hopes of many. The game developer had plenty of momentum to go on.

It was even speculated that the game would be launched at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting, which was held on Sept. 7. However, not only was GTA 6 left out in the dark, but Rockstar Games did not even make an appearance at the event.

According to The Bit Bag, this meant that Rockstar was cancelling development on the new title altogether. Doing this would reportedly allow the company to focus its time and energy to further enhance GTA 5. True enough, a Bikers DLC was very recently added to the base game.

Many fans of the franchise are disappointed at the cancellation, but a current halt in the project does not mean there will be no GTA 6 at all.

GameNGuide claims that the next chapter of the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise is expected for release sometime in 2018. Counting from the base game’s official release, that would give Rockstar Games a full five years to take advantage of GTA 5.

However, fans could be waiting a relatively long time for the next chapter, as no specific date in 2018 was provided. The possible upside to this is that “Grand Theft Auto 6” may be compatible with PlayStation VR if it will be released in 2018.