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"Grand Theft Auto Online" update from Rockstar Games includes "Bikers" Facebook/Grand Theft Auto Onlne

The next chapter of “Grand Theft Auto” may be taking a while, but Rockstar Games will soon provide players with a Bikers update to tie them down for a while. The update will provide players with a story to uncover in a biker gang setting.

According to the game developer, Bikers will allow gamers to customise their own character, who starts of as a prospect in an organisation. As the story progresses, players can continue to climb the ranks until they run their very own motorcycle club. Like with most “Grand Theft Auto” games, there will be shady business deals to be made, as well as exciting rides to go on.

And while there will be a road that leads directly to authority, there will be questionable “high-level high-risk” business options provided to players, which may take them from Los Santos straight to Blaine County.

Rockstar Games also promises a wide range of motorcycles to experience, properties to explore and new competitive and co-op gameplay. Furthermore, gamers will have the option to chose from multiple selections of weapons, tattoos and bike styles. The new Bikers addition to GTA Online allows for multiplayer for up to eight players.

Though the addition is pretty exciting in itself, it only proves to show that Rockstar Games is listening to its core audience. Earlier this year, several motorcycle crews partnered up to petition that the game developer provide more biker-focused content.

There has been no official announcement on when Bikers will be free to download, just that it will come to the GTA Online universe “soon.” The last update gave players the opportunity to create their own stunt race tracks and to take part in Entourage, which is a player versus player mode.

Watch "GTA Online: Stunt Race Creator" trailer

“Grand Theft Auto Online” is available through “Grand Theft Auto 5,” which is compatible for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.