Beer Good Friday
A cellarman drafts a glass of unpasteurized beer at Budejovicky Budvar brewery in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, March 17, 2016. Reuters/David W Cerny

If one was in Ireland this Good Friday, he/she would have known that it is the only day in a year when no drink is sold in the entire country. Therefore, it is a dangerous day to get thirsty for alcoholic drinks. People generally stock on drinks and have fun on Good Fridays. However, a wife played an amazing prank on her husband and Good Friday was the perfect setting for the nearly-evil prank.

Discovering that her husband had stacked on Guinness beer cans to avoid going dry this Good Friday, a wife stole the stack of cans to play a fun game of Easter egg hunt with her thirsty husband. She hid them in the garden and that made things hilarious.

All pubs were shut and none of the supermarkets were selling booze. Hence, it was impossible to get beer cans on that day.

People came to know about this hilarious Good Friday prank after Paul Mahon posted a photo of the text his friend received from his mum.

“As its Good Friday, I thought I'd have a can of Guinness hunt for dad and hide all his cans around the garden! He's out there with his little basket now,” read the text.

According to Irish Mirror, Mahon uploaded the text image on the Oh my god what a complete Aisling Facebook page. He also posted a photo of the dad searching for his Guinness cans as a bag containing a few cans is seen in the foreground.

“If it can't be a dry Friday at least memmeh will make him work for it,” read the caption.

The image has already received more than 1,400 likes, 465 shares and number of comments.

Now that’s an awesome Good Friday prank if one is in Ireland and thirsty. Share your pranks below.