British rock band Coldplay performed some of their hit singles plus an unannounced duet with vocalists Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran at Global Citizen Festival on Saturday. The highlight of their opening performance was dropping of their new single "Amazing Day."

The band’s opening performance, however, was delayed for a while, as they encountered a problem with their piano. They had to take off "Clocks" and "Paradise" from their set list, Rolling Stone reported.

Afterwards, the band explained to fans what happened on " target="_blank">Twitter. The band wrote: “Our piano broke 1 min before going onstage. No clocks, paradise+collaboration with @ArianaGrande rehearsed only on piano #wingingit PH.” The revised list included “Yellow,” “Viva La Vida” and “A Sky Full of Star.”

At the event, Coldplay performed their new song, “Amazing Day.” Rolling Stone reported that the band had rehearsed the anthemic song a day before the festival. Vocalist Chris Martin sang, “Sat on a roof / your hand in mine, singing / life has a beautiful, crazy design / and time seemed to say / forget the world and all its weight / here I just wanna say / amazing day / amazing day...”

Meanwhile, Grande later joined the band onstage to sing her single “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” written by One Direction member Harry Styles. Afterwards, Martin joined Ed Sheeran to perform “Thinking Out Loud” with him.

Martin has signed on to curate the Global Citizen Festival for 15 years. Global Citizen’s co-founder Ryan Gall told Rolling Stone that Martin’s role as a curator of the annual event starts this year.

"[Martin] didn't want to do just a one-off. He wanted to sink his teeth into it and really do some meaningful work,” he said.

“He literally has called up artists. He called up Ed Sheeran personally. He called up Beyoncé personally… But if Chris has an idea of collaborating and doing something unique during the performance, it's coming from the artist. It changes everything," Gall added.

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