The Episode 4 of “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” Season 2, titled “Rule #605: You Can Go Home Again,” saw Abby (Lisa Edelstein) and Jake (Paul Adelstein) give their marriage another chance, while Phoebe (Beau Garrett) revisits her modelling days.

Recap of “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” Season 2 Episode 4: ‘ “Rule #605: You Can Go Home Again”

The episode opens with Abby and Jake waking up next to each other in their house, and soon after that, they are shown apologising to each other. Jake says he is sorry that he didn’t tell Abby about his girlfriend Becca’s pregnancy.

The duo feel they need to spice up their relationship and decide to spend a weekend alone as a couple, without kids, texts or mails. Both of them are equally excited about the secret relationship, but soon the shadows of their past arguments crop up.

They both try to actively ignore their recurring feelings of repressed rage, but they soon realise that they are just too different from each other to get along. Each of them feel that the other partner thinks poorly of him or her, and this aggravates the situation.

Before the kids arrive, Abby and Jake realise that though they love each other, their insecurity will never let them truly be a couple again.

Meanwhile, Jo (Alanna Ubach) learns the hard way that Zooey (Allison Thornton) is actually on good terms with her ex’s new wife, after she accidentally looks at her daughter’s messages. Jake tells her off when he enters the scene to search for drugs.

Phoebe, who is feeling lost after her divorce, is visited by an old friend who suggests that she come for an au naturale photoshoot of women of all ages. Though initially interested, Phoebe soon realises the cut-throat and shallow nature of the modelling world and leaves her shoot.

Elsewhere, Delia (Necar Zadegan) goes apartment hunting with her fiance Gordon (Matthew Glave) and is disturbed to find that he wants separate bedrooms. So, she tries to convince him to share a single bedroom with her, only to realise that, it is what Gordon wanted all along. It turns out he was trying to use reverse psychology on her so that, she agrees to buying a house where both of them will share the same bedroom.

“The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” airs at 10 p.m. on Tuesdays on Bravo in the U.S.

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