Actresses Lauren Graham (L) and Alexis Bledel (R), stars of The CW network's program 'Gilmore Girls'
Actresses Lauren Graham (L) and Alexis Bledel (R), stars of The CW network's program 'Gilmore Girls', and the show's executive producer David Rosenthal take part in a panel discussion at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California July 17, 2006. Reuters/Fred Prouser

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the genius mind behind “Gilmore Girls,” revealed in a recent interview with a small group of media persons at Television Critics Association’s summer tour that she had never watched the series’ seventh season. The seventh and final season of the series is notable for being that which she and husband and executive producer Dan Palladino left the series.

Sherman-Palladino reportedly asked friends who have seen the seventh season to weigh their ideas in for the upcoming revival. She consulted them with regard to events that took place on season 7 which could influence the big themes of the show. She then noted that there were none of such except for one thing that she wishes was different,

“It was the only things where I was like, ‘Ah, I’ll go a different way” said the series creator to TV Line while refusing to divulge what such is. She however clarified that she had nothing against the seventh season, where she and husband were no longer present.

While fans of the series are already raving to know what that one thing is, the least that the crew would want to do would be to disappoint them. To address this, they come up with a very unconventional way of satisfying their longing to see the series; to drop all four chapters in one go.

Sherman-Palladino hoped that Netflix would not release the entire of “A Year in the Life” all in one go. She felt that the build-up of anticipation would make it more enjoyable for diehard fans, and that just like any other series, it would be more enjoyable with some separation.

However, she has a larger concern, which happens to be spoilers. She reveals that the last thing she would want would be “for someone to jump to the last episode and spoil it for everybody” which she thinks happens to much these days. She fears that viewers would fast forward to the finale to see her final four words.

Fortunately, Netflix will be allowing its viewers to watch the entire season when all four chapters will be out on November 25.

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