Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Official game illustration of "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" game. Ubisoft

Gamers can now be able to purchase the “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” season pass for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Players can expect two downloadable contents (DLC), four ghost packs and two missions once they purchase the pass.

Two downloadable contents

The “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” season pass has two major downloadable contents that gamers can opt to play with. First is the DLC titled “Narco Road” with a release date still yet to be known. In this content, players will experience battling out through the Bolivian territories.

This content is meant for those who enjoy fast-paced missions. Gamers will also get to use new vehicles in order to infiltrate various groups (gangs) and complete the mission by defeating their boss. Also, this will unlock a new playable solo or co-op campaign located in the main menu.

The second DLC that will be included in the pass is entitled “Fallen Ghost.” The release date is also still unknown as of the moment. The mission starts with the player’s squad being stranded after a fallen helicopter incident.

The players need to adapt with the current environment that they are in and at the same time defeat the mercenaries that have tracked them down. This DLC will also unlock a new playable solo or co-op campaign located in the main menu.

Ghost Packs available

The season pass will also include four ghost packs. The first pack will be available upon purchase and it will have the title “Rebellion.” The pack will include the rebel leader costume, the rebellion gear patch and the AK-47 uprising weapon.

The second and third packs still have an unknown release date. The two packs are entitled “Unidad” and “Santa Blanca” respectively. The former pack will have the Unidad costume, the Unidad gear patch and the RPK-74 Unidad weapon. The latter pack however will have the Santa Blanca costume, the Santa Blanca gear patch and the M1911 Golden weapon.

The final pack is called “Peruvian Connection,” which also has no release date as of the moment. The pack will include the 7 gear patches. This pack will include the Lion, Kraken, Phoenix, bear, Dragon, Skull & Bones and Saber patches. This pack will also have three short experience boosters, which will allow additional 50 percent experience for a total of two hours during sessions and will also add 25 percent for the teammates.

New missions included

The first mission included in the seasonal pass is called “Peruvian Connection Mission.” This mission will be available upon purchase. This mission is set on the Inca Carmina province. Once players are able to defeat the boss and clear the mission, the “Chica Mala” weapon will be given as a reward.

The second mission is entitled “Unidad Conspiracy Mission.” The release date of this mission is still unknown. The setting for this mission is in the Media Luna provinces. Upon defeating the boss and clearing the mission, players will get to have the “EI Commandante” weapon. For the complete list of details for the pass, check out the Ubisoft support website.

This summarises the need to know if the “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” season pass is in one’s “to-buy” list of games. The seasonal pass is priced at US$40 (AU$52.67) and will debut on March 7.