Victorian police have received numerous calls from the public as detectives are still looking for a gang of four drunken men who allegedly raped teenage girl in Geelong.

According to Detective Senior Sergeant Jason Walsh, detectives have knocked more than 100 doors near the crime scene to get any information about the gang of attackers.

“We received many calls nominating people, parties and incidents in the area, and from that our investigators are following up some inquiries,” AAP quoted Sergeant Walsh as saying on Thursday. “At the moment, it's like a needle in the haystack. We are doing our best to find out how relevant each piece of information is.”

Police believe the attackers are locals but they dismiss any link between the incident and any unsolved sexual assaults in the locality. Detective believe the incident is isolated.

Detectives have called the gang-rape of the 14-year-old as a “serious sexual assault.” Walsh earlier said the attackers were “big stocky” drunk men in their 20s. The girl become devastated and traumatised after the attack.

One of the attackers, aged around 25-30, was bare chested during the assault. He has tattoos, possibly tribal ones, across the chest and along the length of both arms. He, also another attacker, had distinctive British accents, according to the Victoria Police.

The girl was accompanied by her male friend who was also physically assaulted during the attack. He eventually ran for help to the nearby party they were attending. One of the attackers walked the girl to the party after the assault. She, who is not from Geelong, has not been able to give details of the assault to the police.

Sergeant Walsh said the victim was recovering at home as she was surrounded by a “beautiful family.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report to

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